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Welcome to Craig's Music Limited!


If you are local to our shop, you will know about the carnage that has been applied to our lovely little town by a virtually criminal town Council. Despite the best efforts of that bunch , we are still trading along with the other cracking little businesses in old Bodmin Town.
You can get to us despite the best efforts of a council who think that making this town a push bike paradise , will help local business.
I suppose it works if you are prepared to balance a fridge or telly on the back of your tandem !
Anyway, all we really wanted to say was that due to the disruptions are opening hours are changing a bit.
This is only until this town is allowed to crawl back on to its knees after the Town Council have finished trying to kill it. 
Seven years of recession followed by a kick in the teeth by some wannabee lycra clad geeks, well done boys !

Opening Hours: Mon 9.30a.m. - 12.00p.m.
Tues - Fri: 9.30 - 3.00pm 
Sat: 9.30 - 3.00pm

We stock a large range of quality, guitar orientated products. From instruments down to the smallest string trees. We only deal with professional, big name wholesalers so you are assured of a quality product.

If you need any help or advice, contact us at any time

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It really is as simple as this. The aim is to reward our loyal customers, whose patronage has been valued for 21 years

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